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The term “Facelift Side Effects” is an oxymoron that refers to the fact that there are certain complications associated with cosmetic plastic surgery. Despite its wide popularity, the medical community has yet to give a universal definition for these side effects. There are many reasons people undergo cosmetic plastic surgery, but regret is one of them. One reason why patients regret their decision after undergoing a facelift is because they are not informed of the possible side effects beforehand. This leaves patients to deal with these problems on their own. One celebrity who had her facelift botched was Demi Lovato. Her surgeon used too much filler and ended up giving her swollen lips which look like they’ve been bitten off by a vampire! Why Did Stars Chose a Celebrity With Facelift? Facelift is a procedure that changes the shape of the face by reshaping, tightening, and lifting the skin on…

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