AOT Season 4 Poster for Anime Fans

The official poster for the new season of AOT was released, and it is guaranteed to make you excited.

This season has an exciting segment that will be making its debut with the release of the show. The main character, Haruko, is back again with a new weapon in her arsenal as she continues to fight against bad guys. This time around, she has two weapons strapped across her back – a rifle and a shotgun - and they’re looking to do some serious damage.

What is AOT Season 4?

The fourth season of AOT premiered on January 3rd, 2019. The season showed a new set of challenges that teams had to face and compete against one another in order to win a grand prize of $1 million.

AOT Season 4 was the first season where teams were split into two groups - "Team Red" and "Team Blue".

AOT is an American game show created by Merv Griffin that airs on Game Show Network.

Titan AOT Season 4 Poster

“We used to be humans. We were the pride of Earth, the conquerors of the stars. Until we met them. Now it's just us, and they're coming for us. This is our story."

The Titan AOT Season 4 Poster features the new alien Titan AOT and is a continuation of the previous season Three and a Half Thousand Years Ago where humanity was wiped out by an unknown alien species.

Eren Yeager AOT Season 4 Poster

The poster is inspired by the new season's tagline "Shoot Your Shot" and depicts Eren Yeager in a darkened, somber setting. It includes the show's familiar tagline and a quote from Eren that says, "I'm not going to let them win." The poster also includes a quote from the episode's director, Kyoji Asano, which states: "We want to frighten people - make them sweat."

Armin AOT Season 4 Poster

The poster depicts the journey of a character who is all alone in a world where he is not accepted. Despite being bullied and made fun of, he serenades the world with his powerful lyrics. The poster looks like it was drawn with pencil and crayon, but it was actually made by an AI writer

Mikasa Ackerman AOT Season 4 Poster

This is the first in a series of AOT Season 4 posters. By the end of the season, our favorite characters will have gone through some major changes which will be seen in these posters.

This poster shows a close up on Mikasa Ackerman’s face as she looks down, her eyes focused on something on the ground. This poster is showing us that there are going to be some great moments for our favorite character and we can expect some big surprises from the show!

Levi Ackerman AOT Season 4 Poster

AOT Season 4 poster was created by an AI writer using the IBM Watson 360 Enterprise System. It generated the creative idea based on the keywords ‘superheroes’, ‘justice’ and ‘freedom’.

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